We asked listeners to call in to tell us how we have changed their lives! Has each cast member made an impact on listeners? Listen below to our new bit “Because Of You!” to find out!

Additional responses from our Facebook Page:

Hannah Keys
because of Kellie I feel empowered as a single mom… because of big al I realize there’s no such thing as a stupid question… because of J-Si I realize that men can be good fathers and husbands…. because of Jenna I realized it’s okay for your dog to be your best friend… love y’all!

Angela McCarty
Because of Kidd, I find myself often saying “must be nice” to numerous scenarios.

Beverly Hutchins
Because of Kellie and “I Have a Dream” I signed up to be a bone marrow donor.

Lisa Moore Kneggs
Because of Big Al, I got a mammogram and just might have saved my life.

David Martinez
Because of you Kelly Rasberry: I no longer lose my cool when I meet celebrities. You taught me celebrities are people too and don’t want to be bothered by every fan they come across.

Deja Cain
Because of Kidd, I never put too much weight on the chip.

Erica Hendricks
Darville Because of J-Si I will be naming my son Kason!

Linda Nguyen
Because of Kellie, I’ve saved quite a few dollars by going to the dollar store for some items!

Michelle Fletcher
Because of Big al I feel normal!

Amanda Vrba
Because of Kidd, I giggle everytime someone uses the word “amazing” lol

Samuel Ortega
Because of all of you, I aspire to be a better human being… I teach my children to be better… To give a little.. and to be thankful for what I have and who’s in my life…

Jessica Griffin Harris
Because of Jenna Owens I am inspired to step up my fashion game!

Diane Vail
Because of Big Al I have learn to take criticism better and not let it hurt my feelings so much.

Miguel Berlanga
Because of j-si, I knew I was 100% gay.

Jeffery Arthur Paul
Because of Big Al I think I could do radio too.

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