My Girlfriend seems to love the “surprise.” I have to admit, I do too. At least, I like it in theory. It can be a very romantic thing. It can be when it works. I have had some surprises go wrong in my day.

car-radio-installationWhich brings me to this thought, possibly even for us to do as a bit. My girlfriend was trying to surprise me with a Christmas gift. I bought this old car not to long ago that I love. But it doesn’t have a radio. Well, it has a radio but it doesn’t work. And I was constantly complaining about it not having a radio. Her idea was simple. Buy a radio for my old car and have it installed by Christmas. She had 2 challenges. How would she pull off the whole surprise element since she doesn’t drive a stick (well.) How would she either get the car to a secret location and get it done or get the guy to my parking garage without me knowing it. And, How does she keep me from going out and buying a radio and doing it myself?

So, My question is this: Can we help you design your surprise? Are you planning to surprise a friend or loved one and you need a little help in pulling it off? Let us help you. Shoot me an email at and maybe we can help you. Happy Holidays!