Big Al Meets Blake Shelton…Again!
Big Al Meets Blake Shelton…Again!

Big Al Mack has been wanting to share a beer with Blake Shelton for two years now, and he had another opportunity to meet him this weekend.

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Big Al Mack just wanted to share a beer with bro-crush this weekend, he didn’t know he would be getting to first base!

Check out the Facebook captions from Big Al and Blake Shelton’s kiss!

“The real reason he and Miranda Lambert split.” William Mitchell

“Blake gets a wench, Al gets a kiss!” Candice Abbott Norwood

“Once you go Blake you never go back!” Amethyst Brown

“Blake caught cheating on Gwen with Big Al!” Casey Barker Crews

“’I love the way Blake Shelton’s beard tickles my beard, Does that make me crazy?’ -Big Al” Nicki Treviño

“A wench & a kiss = Blake & Big Al happy at last!!” Becky Phillips

“If I kiss you, could you try and go at least 1 HOUR without talking about me?” Chris Adams

“And the boys round here, kissin’ Big Al’s beard…” Andrew Welshhans

“Ebony and Ivory together in perfect HARMONY….” Anita Soule’

“This is so weird but please don’t stop!” Callie Scott Hill

“You’ll be my honeysuckle I’ll be your honey bee” Laci Lynn Woods