Kellie and Jenna shared their beauty tips before, so now it’s J-Si and Big Al’s turn. Check them out below, share your own tips and see Kellie and Jenna’s beauty tips here!


  1. Fill in your beard by rubbing in mascara
  2. Coconut Oil is great for the skin
  3. Baking soda gets rid of the dead skin
  4. Get rid of wrinkles and lines by cut out meat, dairy, coffee and caffeine products, eat cabbage and watery fruits
  5. Freeze a spoon overnight and in the morning put on eye to bring swelling down

Big Al

Look Better, Feel Better, Be Better! (I may have gotten a little carried away here!)

  1. Stand up straight and have good posture
  2. Noxema before I shower in the morning and at night
  3. Body scrub – before I take my bubble bath
  4. After getting out of the bathtub, I will usually rub down with some scented body butter. Right now, my favorite scent is midnight pomogranite
  5. Art of Shaving – ingrown hair white willow dark extract night cream
  6. More art of shaving products: (I promise, I’m not getting paid by these people)
  7. They rub my face with some sort of “pre shave oil” that softens my face and prevents razor bumps
  8. After the shave, they rub my face with an after shave balm formulated with Vitamin c, Shea Butter and grape seed extract. Wow—that’s deep huh? Anyway, it brightens and hydrates my skin!
  9. Once every few months, it wouldn’t hurt to have the eyebrows trimmed, waxed, fixed
  10. Go to brookstone and get a nose hair trimmer
  11. An ear hair trimmer wouldn’t be a bad idea as well
  12. General man-scape chest hair, back hair, arm hair, all other hair
  13. Nice watch – have at least one
  14. Nice pair of tennis shoes and loafers. Have one clean ass pair of shoes that are your “date shoes”
  15. Cologne – a nice scent is a must
  16. Most important – get some mouthwash and keep it everywhere you go (car, office, house, her house)
  17. Loafers – don’t wear socks
  18. Manicure
  19. Teeth cleaned
  20. Get rid of the big ass key chain and the 84 keys on your key ring
  21. My girlfriend hates my cargo shorts – personally, I love them
  22. When you ask her to go out to eat, PAY! Don’t look at her and ask if she wants to split the bill
  23. If you are the guy that likes to pay cash, that’s fine but at least get a debit card