Big Al’s Biggest Mistake in Business
Big Al’s Biggest Mistake in Business

Here is a list of entrepreneurial mistakes. Guess which one of the following is the single biggest mistake Big Al has made in business. Listen below!

  1. You’re getting into it for the wrong reasons
  2. You don’t have a long-term plan
  3. You give up too much to finance your start-up
  4. You don’t have good managerial skills
  5. You think you can do everything yourself
  6. You surround yourself with “Yes Men”
  7. You take on questionable partners
  8. You stop networking
  9. You have unreasonable expectations
  10. Your expenses are exaggerated
  11. You lose perspective
  12. You don’t have a Plan B


List credited to Edward Chalmers. Read the full article HERE!