3-Mile Walk & A Man-Hug
3-Mile Walk & A Man-Hug

Curtis scared the crap out of me Sunday Morning. We were finishing our 3-mile walk and we were about a quarter mile away from my apartment. Usually, when we walk and we get close to the house, he pulls and pulls on the leash and if I let go, he will make a mad dash for the door. This is usually not a problem if I’m entering my building from the side entrance where there is no traffic. This time, we were at the front. He pulled and got the leash away from me. He ran down the street and there was a bus coming straight at him. I yelled and yelled and the bus stopped about 10 feet from Curtis.
Thank you God!

Last week, a member of KiddNation called the show and let me know he was coming to my restaurant and wanted to say hi. Well, he did show up and I met him. His name is Wayne and he and his wife drove up from Tyler, Texas. I bought Wayne and his wife a couple of beers and we even sang a Karaoke song together. Thanks for coming by Wayne.

I guess the biggest news of my weekend is that I hugged a billionaire while I was not wearing any pants. I was in my gym chilling after my shower and I had a towel wrapped around my lower half and in walked Mark Cuban. He came over to give me the handshake/hug. We hugged it out and he walked away. That’s when I realized that my towel had somehow hit the floor… No, it didn’t…I made up the last part…But that would have been a really funny ending to that story, huh? Haha. Thanks for the Man-Hug Mark. But I can say that I did hug a billionaire while I was not wearing pants!
Have a GREAT week everyone!