I never thought that I would be singing karaoke until 12am on a Tuesday night but I was. In fact, I was about to head home to watch The Voice when the group started to arrive. Me and a buddy were sitting at the bar and the first 10 people in the group arrived and they were hot girls. That brought on about another 20 minutes of conversation. Girls, just in case you were wondering what guys talk about at bars, its you… yes we are talking about you. Maybe not the whole time, but at least part of the time. In fact, most of the time. We talk about sports for about 10% of the time…we talk about beer for maybe 10% of the time…and the rest of the time, we are looking around the bar and talking about you. We aren’t trying to necessarily get with you but you have our attention. It doesn’t matter whether we are married, involved, we still are talking about you. we aren’t being unfaithful, we are just looking at girls. Its what we do. We have had a long day at work and responsibilities are beating us down. So, for a few brief minutes, we look at girls that we have no chance at being with and we talk about how hot or not you are! No Harm..

Ok, anyway, me and my buddy had another beer and the party grew to where my brand new bartender needed a little help. So I went behind the bar to make a few drinks until she could get caught up. About an hour later, the group, who were dental school graduates from Baylor, started singing Karaoke. All of the usual songs were in rotation. About that time, my girl showed up. We sat down and watched (and listened) to the crowd. They were singing their butts off. So, what did I do? You know I have never seen a Karaoke mic that I didn’t like. I had a flashback to when I was 22 and graduating…except for the graduating part…I signed up for Karaoke and started singing right with them. Before I knew it, 11pm had come and gone and I was still sitting at my bar partying like I was a 22 year old dental graduate with nothing to do the following morning. I had sang multiple songs, and I was fist pumping like a champion. My girl looked at me and said “lets go.” So to the dental school graduates, I hope I didn’t ruin your party with the 3 songs that I sang. But your party rocked!