Big Al’s Blog: Hope your Labor Day was better than mine
Big Al’s Blog: Hope your Labor Day was better than mine

The Pig roast was awesome. It was a success. No I didn’t soak it in my bathtub after all. But there were other problems. Big Problems…First of all even though our bar was packed. We were understaffed…

[Hear Big Al talk about everything that went wrong]

I knew we would be getting busy so I had hired a couple new girls. Unfortunately, I had to fire one of them for stealing. Firing someone is never an easy or pleasant thing for anyone but it’s a fact of doing business. Especially, in the bar business. The other new employee seemed to be doing ok… until Saturday. The first day of college football. She showed up over 3 hours late. At that point, why even show up, right? but she did. And she was promptly matfired upon her arrival. The bar was packed but I had to do it. So, with a full bar and a full patio, I had 3 waitresses. That wasn’t good but we made it.
The second problem could have been even worse. At about 3:00 or so, with the bar still full, all of the power went out. I think some of the customers thought I was doing a bit of some sort. I could hear some saying, “Come on Al, turn the power back on.” it was no bit. I had no idea what the problem was. After going through about a hundred breakers, I found the right one. Power back on… 10 minutes later, it was out again. This time it was out and the crowd was growing restless. Drunk football fans with no Sports to watch is No Bueno. I called the electrician and he came out and we figured out the problem. Maybe 20 customers were lost. It could have been worse but problem solved.
Later that night, I got a call from my bus driver that was driving a bus full of passengers to the Big Stadium for the LSU/TCU game. Now the Lights had gone out on the bus. NO head lights, NO tail lights, no nothing. It was 11:00 at night on a Saturday so there was no chance of finding a spare bus. UUUGH, My Saturday of Opening Football had problems and it wasn’t getting better. The drivers phone was dying. The passengers were inside the stadium. Cell phone service was awful in the stadium. They came out drunk and upset that they couldn’t find their bus or driver. They had to catch cabs.
I hope your labor day was a lot better than mine!