Big Al’s Blog: At least I got that part right. Right?
Big Al’s Blog: At least I got that part right. Right?

It was my girlfriend’s birthday yesterday and I got at least part of it right. “Half Glass Full” right?

As her moving date gets closer, she has mentioned a few things that she wants to do before she leaves from time to time. And even though I am lost in “Big Al World” a majority of the time…I try to listen to her and take note of what she wants to do. So, yesterday, I surprised her.

big-al-blog-pic-050416I picked her up around 12 and we drove 30 miles. She had to be wondering where we were going but she never asked. Then, as we were exiting, she saw the sign on the freeway and she screamed out, “Are we going to the zoo?” Yes, she mentioned to me a couple months ago that she really wanted to go to the Fort Worth Zoo and that’s where I took her. And with me being from this area, it’s kind of hard for me to go to a place that I’ve never been but I had never been to the Fort Worth Zoo either. She was so excited. We spent 2 hours or so there and saw everything from a baby gorilla to kangaroos and everything else. But, I guess she was most excited about spending some one on one time, which is something that we rarely get to do. The “part 2” of the evening was a little disappointing. I had planned for some of our friends to meet us at the MAT and then we were going to a place called “Top Golf.” It’s a driving range/bar/restaurant. A nice fun place to hang out and do something different. They don’t take reservations at this place unless you have a large group because I had called ahead and asked. So, we were getting ready to head that way and just as a precaution to see how busy they were, I called to see how long the wait was. That’s when I found out that they were closed for a private party. WHAT???? NOOOOO!!!


Well, I have no idea but they did. Now I had 6 people sitting at my bar and no back up plan. So, We went and got a pizza and a couple bottles of wine and made the best of it. I guess since she didn’t really know what I had planned, it wasn’t a huge deal. And I promised her we would do it another time.

So, another birthday plan that almost worked!