The big party has come and gone. Kellie was looking hot in her tight yellow dress. The party group arrived at about 10:30 and she had so many people, it took two trips to get them all there. They were riding in my 15 passenger limo ambulance complete with the stripper pole.

The one bad thing about hosting a party is that you don’t really get to enjoy the party. I was kind of bouncing from table to table trying to say hi to everyone.

Kellie was pretty much on stage all night dancing her butt off…along with about 10 of her friends.rob It was a serious party. And after weeks of planning, it was over in about 4 hours. Spinderella did her thing. Rob base did his thing. The night went by so fast.

At the end of the night, Rob Base, Kellie and her group, they all got in the limo together and away they went.

Happy birthday kellie!