It looks like Michael Strahan is the new co-host of “Live with Kelly.” I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I did call this yesterday. Yup, while everyone else was rattling off Nick Lachey, and every other white person on the planet, I shouted Michael Strahan! And who was right? It’s so seldom that I’m right around here, I have to at least call attention when I am.

Anyway, lets see, who is going to have more pressure on them than ever before because of this? We now have Black hockey players, we have Black country singers, we have not one but 2 and possibly 3 black judges on American Idol, we have a Black Host on America’s Got Talent, we have black Quarterbacks, Black Professional Football and Basketball coaches as well as Baseball Managers and we have a Black President. But where do we still not have a Black person? What mountain have Black people still not been able to climb? We still can’t get a Black Bachelor! Come on ABC. What’s the deal? How come you don’t get it? Do you still have the ancient, antiquated thinking that mainstream America doesn’t want to see Black people in a relationship? I have to admit, its not just you. Even in this day and age, when is the last time that you saw two black people making out on TV or in a movie that wasn’t a “Black Movie.” Hollywood is very careful as to how much black they give the public. They will give you one black person and one white person. Hello “Bodyguard, or Love and Basketball.” They will give us one Mexican person and one White person. But when have you seen a love scene or even passionate kissing between 2 black people.

We can be the person that shows strength, the crazy hero that yells, or the person that saves the day, but White Hollywood, for some reason, doesn’t want people to think that we are capable of having relationships. Its modern day Blaxploitation. Ok, maybe we aren’t drug dealers and pimps in every film like the old days, but there is clearly a difference in casting and that can’t be denied.Bachelor, Hollywood, black folks are able to have relationships and we can do love scenes.