This idiot, Donald Sterling, should have his NBA team taken away from him. But unfortunately, being an idiot is not against the law. I’m sure you have heard the racist remarks this guy said to his girlfriend over the weekend so I won’t rehash that. My first reaction after I heard what he said was a heated one. I was up on my soapbox saying that the team should refuse to play for him. Why put any more money into this guy’s pocket? But after listening to the calming voice of Magic Johnson, I agree with him. These guys need to focus on playing the sport and winning games. The public will deal with the Dumbass owner! There.

I wonder when racist people see what other racist people do or say, do they nod their heads in agreement, or do they shake their heads and say, damn, that is really stupid??? I would like to talk to actually talk to a racist person to see what their reaction to all of this is. When you are a stupid person and you see another stupid person do something that is equally stupid to things that you have done, do you say, “Wow, that person is really stupid.” That’s all of the energy that I will give that guy in my blog.

facetime-dr-alMy girlfriend will be back in one week. She is in Jamaica for Carnival. She called me on FaceTime over the weekend but I have yet to see her costume. She says the photographer hasn’t given them the pics yet. She did send me one pic of her where she was apparently dancing on top of someone. Umm, not sure what the deal was there. This pic will have to be discussed. And the fact that there are no other pics that she has sent??? What’s up with that? Is she having soo much fun that she doesn’t have time to send pictures? There are 3 other girls in the group. I know there has to be a few pics floating around in one of their phones, right? Ok, I won’t let this drive me crazy…I hope.

Speaking of my girlfriend, I had a long list of stuff to do over the weekend…and a lot of the suff was stuff that she wanted me to do for her…oh crap. I have done very little of it. Oh I just had an idea… I can have my assistant to do that stuff!!! Problem solved!