Don’t you hate it when you are just embarrassed and it’s your own fault? I had been mentioning that I was thinking about moving and I even mentioned it to Dr/girlfriend. So, when she showed me the picture of a nice condo, I thought she was looking toward the future…for me as well as for us. And oddly enough, it really didn’t freak me out. It was a nice condo. 3 bedrooms, 2 story, hardwood floors, yada, yada. So, sure, condoit was a little bigger than what I really need but at the same time, if she is going to be spending a little, (or a lot) of time there, that could work. So, she set up the appointment to look at it and we met the Realtor there. We toured the house and I’m looking around and I’m thinking ehh, ok. Looks like a decent enough place. I could see myself living there and I could see her visiting me there A LOT! She seemed to like it a lot too. And I’m like ok, wow…maybe we are slowly headed to the next level without really saying that we are heading to the next level. Not that we would be living together because my mother would never let me do that…but still, this is still the next step right? She is getting involved in my big decisions…that’s a good sign. Then I heard the real estate dude ask her if this was too much space meaning would a 2 bedroom be ok. She said, yes, a two bedroom would be ok too since she would have a roommate. HUH? Roommate? Then she said that the 2 of them work opposite shifts and they would not see each other much??? I’m like what? You were wanting to look at this house for yourself and not for us? I was way too embarrassed to tell her what I was thinking…oh, well. So much for the next level!