Big Al’s Blog: Dear Lawd, thank you!
Big Al’s Blog: Dear Lawd, thank you!

Last night, I had dinner made for me and I have to admit, she did an awesome job. Of course the “she” I’m talking about is the doctor. She came by the bar yesterday after working a 33-hour shift and sat around a little to unwind. Then, she asked me if I would like for her to make dinner for me…heck yes. Guys, is this something that I have been missing out on? I haven’t had a whole lot of dinners made for me in my past relationships. Lets see…Honey 3? Nope. Honey 2? Nope. Honey 1? Heck no.

I could keep going but you get the idea. Have I been dating the wrong girls? They were all nice girls but cooking for us never came up I guess. But, yesterday it sure did.

We were just sitting at the bar and she leaned over and kinda whispered either in “Sexy Voice” or “sleepy voice”, (I’m really not sure which…) she said, “how about I go to Central Market and get us some steaks and a nice bottle of wine and we can have a nice dinner at my place?” all I could think was “do you want me to drive?”

So she went to the store and 4 hours later, I’m at her house. First it was the bread with the oil or sauce or whatever that stuff is that you dip the bread into. Then she opened up the oven and she had stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon next. We sat and ate on those and a few minutes later, she’s searing the steaks and then she put those in the oven along with asparagus and sliced potatoes. Oh My God, are you serious? I may never eat out again! We sat at the table and I said grace. I should have thanked God for a whole lot more before we ate but I settled for the standard dinner grace. But what I  really wanted to say to God at the time was more like, “Oh Lawd, Oh Lawd, Oh Lawd, THANK YOU JESUS for this beautiful girl that has taken 4 hours out of her day to make me a STEAK DINNER! THANK YOU LAWD, THANK YOU JESUS, HERCULES HERCULES HERCULES! And SHE’S A DOCTOR!!! OH LAWD, THANK YOU LAWD!” ok, that’s what I really wanted to say but I stayed calm and cool.

The dinner was about as awesome as a dinner could be.

Have I been missing out all this time? Ladies, do most of you do this and for some reason, I have just been missing out? I have seen this type of thing on TV and in Movies but it has somehow escaped me. Kellie, do you make dinner at home for guys? Jenna, do you do this for your dudes? Shanon, uhhh, nevermind. Haha.

Anyway, I know doctor doesn’t read my blog but to all of the ladies out there that make dinner for their dudes whether its every once in a while or if its on a regular basis, Thank you. I hope the guys that you cook for tell you how much they appreciate it. But even if they don’t tell you, trust me, they do!