Doing Adult Stuff
Doing Adult Stuff

Today and this weekend, I will be doing adult stuff…SHOPPING! But not really the fun shopping. I have to buy a washer and dryer and 2 TVs. Ok, The TV part is kinda fun. And maybe the dresser for the bedroom might be a little fun. Ehhh. Anyway, I’m settling into this whole “house” thing. And, now that I do have TV and Internets, It’s feeling a lot more like it’s a cool place to live.

I am going to make an effort to meet some neighbors too. I don’t see myself going door to door or anything but if I see someone walking on the street, I’m going to introduce myself.

Maybe, I’ll even organize a small gathering for a few friends (and maybe a few neighbors) in the next couple weeks. But I’ll try to NOT schedule this while I’m on the Kidd’s Kids trip! Haha…

I have OFFICIALLY rescheduled the opening of the new restaurant to December 1st.

That’s all I really have going on this weekend. Kinda boring, huh? Have a safe one everyone!