Don’t you hate it when you accidentally spoil something that was supposed to be a surprise? And its even worse when the surprise was for you? Well, that’s what I did. Sure, I didn’t know it was a surprise for me…DUH! It was a surprise. Here’s the deal. My Beautiful Dr. Girlfriend was trying to throw me a surprise birthday party on December 19. But the thing was, well, since it was my birthday, I started planning my own party. I hired a band to play at my bar and I was going to open it up to anyone that wanted to come. That’s my kind of party. Then, I decided to invite my mom, girlfriend, son and have dinner before the big party. Then I went back and forth on whether or not I should make this a huge dinner party or if I should keep it small. That’s kind of when the trouble started. It was tough trying to book a big party room or to get any kind of reservation for large table at a nice restaurant. My girlfriend kept trying to encourage me to make it a small dinner. Then, Kellie could see that I was kind of stressing about this whole thing and so she offered to help. Little did I know that my girlfriend had already contacted Kellie and they were kind of working together to come up with a plan to surprise me. I just thought she was trying to be helpful. Well, I finally got frustrated and made a reservation for 10 people. well, this was not going to work because Dr. Girlfriend and Kellie had another plan at another place. Do you see how this was falling apart? Anyway, to keep it simple, Kellie finally had to tell me the deal. She broke down and told me of the plan to surprise me so that it would all be out there and I felt awful that I had ruined my own surprise party. But at least we are all on the same page with the party plan and the only thing that we are lacking is the “Surprise!” But, I’m ok with that.

bar-partySpeaking of parties, who likes to throw a party more than me? Nobody! So, I have decided to throw some. Maybe 5 or 6 to be exact. Well, there is a reason. I’m thinking about opening another sports bar in another city. So, I am going to have some parties in various towns to see how the party vibe is there. The first one is already set for this March in the booming metropolis of Longview, Texas. Did I mention that these parties will be in smaller cities where there’s not nearly as much to do??? ok, more on that later.

Curtis doesn’t seem to be understanding the whole concept of Potty Training just yet. Its been about 10 days and even though I think I have been doing the whole crate training thing the same way that I have done it in the past, he is still having accidents. But he’s so damn cute, I guess I’ll keep on trying.