My son is driving my truck to pick up our new Food Trailer and of course, some chick backed up into my truck while he was parked at Sonic Drive thru. And, of course, she doesn’t have insurance. So, the police came and got all of the information. It was a two-hour delay but they are back on their way.

big-als-food-trailerRoad trips can be a lot of fun. I guess they are way more fun when it’s not a work related trip with a tight schedule. I guess it’s not that it’s a tight schedule so much as it’s just a trip with my son pulling a 22’, 12,000 lb trailer behind him and he doesn’t have a whole lot of experience pulling trailers. Well, I don’t think he has ANY experience pulling trailers. He has driven school busses before. And he’s a pretty safe driver so I’m not worried…much. But when he get’s back, it will be a load off of both of our minds.

I know what you’re asking…What’s going on at the bar? Any new promotions? Well, here’s one. How about Kid-a-okie! Its Karaoke for Kids Birthday Parties this summer. The summer is the slowest time of the year for my bar so we need to be a little creative. And who knows? We may actually find a really talented singer and he or she will be able to say that they got their “start” singing in my bar. Sorry kids…no beers for you guys!