I went to Gulfport, Mississippi for the weekend and had a great time. The reason for the trip was the Gulfport Music Festival. It was a 2 day event that featured acts like

Third eye blind


Sir mix a lot

Violent femms

Cypress hill

Ying yang twins


Kid Rock

Dude, I thought I knew how to throw a party. Larry Wilcox, the guy that owns the station that we are on up there, he KNOWS how to throw a party. Way to go Larry!

pizza-brick-ovenSo, yesterday, I told you how excited I was to be getting a new Pizza Oven in my bar. Well, I’ve run into one slight problem. The oven is too big. “That’s what she said.” Well, it fits but I will probably have to take every other piece of kitchen equipment out to make it work. UUUUGGGGGHHHHHH, I swear, this can only happen to me. Before you ask, yes, we measured. We visualized, and we measured again. So, what went wrong? I have no idea. But I have no idea what I need to do. Well, I take that back. I’m calling a Restaurant designer today to come out and see if he can help me figure out how to arrange everything. Hmmn, probably should have thought of that beforehand. My poor girlfriend wants to help. But when I have issues like this, for whatever reason, I don’t tend to talk about them to anyone. And of course, that makes her feel like I am not letting her be a part of what I’m going through. I just want to fix the problem. UUUGGHH!

My Mom leaves to go to Orlando, Florida today. She and a friend are going to take a week vacation and see the sights and have some springtime fun.