Big Al’s Blog: Happy Birthday Blake!
Big Al’s Blog: Happy Birthday Blake!

Today is Blake Shelton’s Birthday. So how should I celebrate? Well, first and foremost, a couple of tequila shots seem to be in order. My Bro-crush on Blake is just that… It’s a simple Bro-crush. He seems like a cool ass down-to-earth guy that I’d like to have a beer with at some point. I did meet him at a press conference and I got to shake his hand. And for those 10 seconds, he was just as cool as I had imagined. So, if I never get to have my beer with him, I guess I’ll live. I’ll just be a fan from the sidelines. But maybe one day, he’ll stroll into my bar and sing join me as a sing “Neon Lights” on my karaoke stage on a random Friday or Saturday Night!

Also, to make your day complete, here are a few Blake Shelton Fun Facts:

big-al-blog-pic-061815He was born in a little town called Ada, Oklahoma

His first performance was at age 8 at a beauty pageant

Blake Shelton loves to collect pocket knives, hunt and fish

Blake Shelton moved to Nashville two weeks after he graduated high school

Blake’s first job in Nashville was as a house painter

Blake’s father was a used car salesman and his mom owned a beauty salon

Dec 25, 1992 – Blake Shelton’s parents give him a Remington 243 rifle as a Christmas present

Jun 24, 2003 – Blake Shelton’s pet turkey, named Turkey, dies of heat stroke on his farm in Centerville, Tennessee

Dec 24, 2007 – Blake Shelton gives his girlfriend, Miranda Lambert, a 31-inch mini-horse for Christmas at her home in Oklahoma… Lambert names the pony Annie

Blake is a huge fan of Christmas music and listens to it year round and this sometimes gets on his wife’s nerves!

Jul 9, 2007 – Blake Shelton helps apprehend a thief at his uncle’s house in Ada, Oklahoma… Shelton keeps the intruder on the porch until the arrival of the police, who book him for burglary and public intoxication

Dec 1, 2008 – Blake Shelton is hailed as the “sexiest country singer” in People Magazine’s annual “Sexiest Men” issue

That concludes my Blake Shelton Fun Fact blog. Happy Birthday Blake! I’ll be drinking one for you!