The “Dress Gods” must be looking down on the Doctor. I told her that I was going to the mall to buy her a dress and she was very appreciative, but she told me that she would handle it. WHAT? You don’t trust my dress buying skills? Haha. Probably for the best.

So instead of me going yesterday, we are going together today. She’s off work today so look for me at the mall.

The Thanksgiving dinner has been prepared. Well, it has been bought. Thanksgiving dinner will be at my son’s place and even though he is very capable of taking care of everything, I thought I would handle it myself. So, I have purchased what is called the “Family Feast.” A complete dinner for 10 people in the fridge and its ready to be warmed up and consumed. I really like that I have taken care of this for the family but on the other hand, it is kind of sad also. My memories from years past is being at my grandmother’s house and walking in to the kitchen and seeing every square inch of real estate covered by food, flour, pots, pans and everything was smelling so amazing. I can almost smell it now as I write. There would be 4-5 ladies in her tiny kitchen cooking every food item under the sun. There would be another 2-4 random relatives setting the tables. Sweet tea would be pouring and buttered dinner rolls smelling good.

My Grand dad would be in the yard straightening up outside or maybe wiping off old folding chairs in the garage so everyone would have a place to sit.

Ok, I have to stop thinking about all of this so I don’t get sad about all of my grandparents being gone.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone…and hug all of your kids, parents and loved ones!