Nate is going to the beer bucket. Ok, I know what you are saying..who the hell is Nate? I get that. Nate is one of my bartenders here and he is going through a divorce. And since I was looking for a new manager at my bar in Playa del Carmen, he jumped at the chance to do something cool, fun and different. Sure, we’ll call it a fresh start. So, this Friday, we board an American Airlines flight and we are headed to Mexico.

Well as soon as one birthday party is over, I start planning the next one. Well, that’s not very accurate. My sister is actually doing 99% of the planning on this one. partyAll I am really doing is providing the venue for the party. Moms birthday party will be at the same spot as Kellie’s party. My Bar. The only difference is that Spinderella won’t be spinning, Rob Base won’t be rapping. And I doubt if there will be any dancing. Just eating and talking. When my sister told me there would be 100 guests, my eyes got huge. I don’t think I even know a hundred people.

I finally did it… I turned a woman gay! Ok, I will explain. I ran into this friend of mine yesterday and I sat down at her table to chat. After 30 minutes or so, she asked who I was dating and I told her about my girlfriend. That’s when I asked who she was dating. She asked me if I remembered, let’s call her, “Lisa.” I remembered Lisa from about 5 years ago. Maybe it has been longer. I dated Lisa years ago and even though it wasn’t a long relationship, it was cool. I think we called her “Stiffler’s mom” on the radio because she was a little older than most of the girls I had dated. Anyway, my friend told me that she had been dating Lisa for the last 4 years. WOOOOOOOOOOOW! I almost fell out of my chair. REALLLLY? I couldn’t believe it. I actually turned a woman gay. I asked my friend if she was the first woman that Lisa had dated and she said yes. I asked how long after me that they started dating and she said it was maybe 6 months or so. And check this out. I freaking introduced them way back in the day!!! That story pretty much made my night. Maybe even my year. So I know when a guy dates a girl that his friend used to date, that is a violation of the homeboy rule but is it the same when a girl that I have known for years, starts dating my ex-girlfriend?