When you own a business, you find yourself doing everything. And when an employee is sick or can’t work for whatever reason, guess who gets to do their job? The owner. That was the case yesterday when my bartender showed up. She was clearly sick. I did admire the fact that she showed up. She actually tried to call other employees to cover her shift but no one was available. So, by the time she came in, every other employee had been called. So, I told her to go home and that meant I had to step in. I’m not the best bartender in the world but I did the best that I could. Some drinks may have been a little bit strong.

Then, it was time to go see mom. She called me because she needed to download and print something from her computer. I love that I am my mom’s own personal Geek Squad. Fortunately, it wasn’t a huge ordeal. I got it done… but who should I call when I have a problem?

Like last night. I was going to set my DVR to record the new singing show called: The Four… but my DVR had a different idea. I have no idea what the problem is. Fortunately, it was on the right channel but it won’t change channels and when I press anything on the remote, it gives me the message: “DVR is working. Please try again.” So I did nothing… So I couldn’t set the DVR and go get food. So I ordered a pizza and watched in real time.

The show was actually pretty entertaining. It was a different way to compete. But I couldn’t really focus because my TV is stuck on one channel.