Well, I did it. I got my new puppy. And man was it tough to choose. Wow, but I spent about an hour with the 3 pups that she felt, after doing 2 different personality tests, would be best suited for me, my lifestyle, and occasional trips to my bar. I didn’t want one that would be skiddish but I didn’t want one that would be all over the place jumping around demanding all sorts of attention either. And apparently, there are tests given for that to help determine the personality of dogs at a very young age. So, my girlfriend and I made the hour drive to sit and have doggie playtime. And as tough as it was, we picked a boy. He is 8 weeks old. He will sit in my lap and take all of the affection that I can give. So, then it was time to bring the little guy home. I was going to wait until I got back from the Kidd’s Kids trip to bring him home for good but I decided that I’d bring him on home yesterday and just take him back next week while we are away at Disneyworld.

coolio-and-snoop-doggOn the way home, I was wishing that I had bought cigars to pass out to people. All during the drive home, we were trying to think of doggie names. My original thought was to name him after something that would be a cool Bar Name. We rattled out stuff like, Miller, Shiner, Shots, Johnny, Wings, Burger, Dax, Beam, and probably 10 others. Then, I just blurted out a name that really had nothing to do with the bar but it was a name that reminded me of my past. A name that reminded me of growing up in the hood. A name that screams out “Blackness.” It really resonated with me from the moment I said it and when I looked into the Dark brown eyes of my new puppy and rubbed his curly coat, I just knew this was the right name for him. My new puppy’s name is….(ok, in your head, I want you think of the best old school rap song that you can and sing it in your head while I tell , maybe something like “Gin and Juice” or “Gangsta’s Paradise”)

His name is…”Curtis.” Awwww Yeaaahhhh! I would be willing to bet that there is not another Golden Doodle ANYWHERE named Curtis! It’s a name that shouts out “I’m here, deal with it!”

Here’s a pic of me and my boy, Curtis!