After going to the Rihanna show last night, I came to one conclusion…Miley Cyrus is TAME. Dude, Miley has a way to go to catch up with the sexuality that is spewing out of Rihanna’s pores. Twerking, squatting, humping, leg up in the airing, I don’t have enough verbs and adjectives to describe everything that Rihanna was doing last night. and it was all good. The crowd was going crazy. and I think it was because the ladies felt like Rihanna was doing things that the men loved and the women wish they could get away with doing. I mean, EVERTIME Rihanna would do a sexy move, the crowd would just erupt. So, Miley, if you are looking to “Out-Hoochie” Rihanna, you have a way to go.

doorAnd what is it about hot girls that makes doors open like the gates of Heaven? We were walking around the arena trying to find a restaurant or a bar and I thought we did. I pulled on the door and there it was. The promise land. We were on the level of the arena where the suites were and there was a private area that I thought was a restaurant/seating area. When I opened the door, it was a clear view of the stage. There were nice leather chairs, a food buffet, drinks lined up with a bartender standing guard. I opened the door and my girlfriend walked in. That’s when the door guy looked at her and said, “you were here last time weren’t you?” She Nodded Yes! She walked on in. That’s when the door guy looked at me and said, “This is a private area for the SUITE PEOPLE.” I pulled out my tickets that showed that I had purchased 2 seats in a suite. He looked and told me that they weren’t the right ones to get into Mecca. WHAT??? She gets in by just looking hot and I’m supposed to just stand here dejected at the door? I bought the freaking tickets! And she wasn’t “There last time!” she hasn’t been there in a year…and when she was there, we didn’t go into this private room that apparently was a little slice of Heaven. Nope, No Questions for my girl who had already walked in. She had passed the door guy and could have easily stayed in and enjoyed her night. But, luckily, She came back to the door and got with her boyfriend that couldn’t get in and we left. She got in with just leather shorts on and no questions at all. But me? No such luck. I guess I need to get me some leather hot pants and thigh high suede boots too. We walked back down the hallway to our Suite and just two doors down, I saw three huge body guards and a police officer standing outside a suite door. I put two and two together and deduced that Drake was inside since he performed the night before at the same place. I tried to BS my way in with charm and personality but I was shut down again. I’m sure my girl could have got in with her hot pants but I wasn’t about to unleash the dogs on her in this suite that required 4 security guys.