For those that think that blogs about diets are boring, you probably want to skip this paragraph. I agree. These diet blogs are boring. But I am trying to motivate myself into getting back in the gym. I had been doing pretty well for a while. I had dropped down from 240ish to 220ish. Not bad for a guy that just basically got on the treadmill and limited myself to chicken breasts and salmon. But, I noticed that somehow my truck has been gympulling into my favorite burger place MORE often and somehow, it hasn’t been pulling into the gym at all. But today, all of that changes…for about the 138th time. But you gotta start somewhere right? I wish I could figure out WHY I can do well on a diet for a few months then I just stop. Sure, I realize it’s a lack of discipline. But what is the real reason behind it? Stress? Weakness? Lack of motivation? Who knows? Maybe a combination of the 3. Business is slower than it’s been in years…so maybe that worries me. A huge trip coming up with my mom that includes A Coolio show in Mexico while traveling with 8 people? What could go wrong there??? Haha… oh well. It normally all works out. See there…it all comes back to “Working out.” And like I said, I am getting back into doing that TODAY!