I learned something new about my girlfriend this weekend. She is a planner. I guess I should not be surprised about this. I would hate to think that a doctor was NOT a planner but specifically, she is a vacation planner. We went out-of-town this past weekend to a destination wedding and she took care of everything. And man, did she ever! She took it upon herself to buy the BUSINESS Class tickets. Then, she not only did that, but she also took care of the hotel. A SUPER nice hotel in Union Square. We stayed there the first night and the plan was to go to Sonoma for the wedding the next morning. Our plane was 2 hours late so we got our drink on at the airport before we even left. After we arrived at our hotel, we decided to go explore the city. The first stop was a sushi bar 1 block from our hotel. We didn’t have much to eat there since she had made dinner reservations at the Burrit Restaurant and it was supposed to be one of those super nice places to eat. We had a couple of pieces of sushi and some Hot Saki. From there we walked a couple more blocks up the steep hill to a hole in the wall bar. We had a drink or two there as well and then we walked a little more. We found ourselves at the top of Nob Hill. Man, it was beautiful. So after maybe a couple of hours of walking and a few cocktails, we made it back to the Drake Hotel. Since we had an hour to burn, we decided to take a nap. The restaurant was literally a two-minute walk away. She set the alarm on her phone. I’m guessing you can kinda tell where this is going. We had 8:30p dinner reservations and by the time we woke up, it was 11pm. She turned the alarm off and we went right back to sleep. This was the ONE thing that she wanted to do. The reason that she took control of this trip was so that we could have one romantic night in a fancy restaurant. Just the two of us. She was so disappointed that we missed our dinner and that was the only night that we were going to be there. I guess we could have gone out then but I really didn’t think that was a good idea since we had to wake up and drive 2 hours to Santa Rosa for the wedding that started at 10am the next morning. So, we woke up the next morning. We rented our car and off we went.

big-al-sonoma-weddingWe got to Sonoma and met up with the group. The mimosas were being served up even before the wedding so that was good. Then, brunch afterwards. The real reception happened about 2 hours after the wedding. We boarded a 50 passenger bus and headed on a trip to 2 different vineyards. Even though it was only a 15 minute bus ride, no bus ride is complete without alcohol treats right? So our bus load of 50 people stopped at the grocery store to get drinks. 30 minutes later, we were back on the road. Amazing! We stopped for 30 minutes to get drinks on our way to drink. How crazy is that? Anyway, we stopped at the vineyards and tasted wine. It was a pretty cool reception. Then, we looked up and one dude that apparently had a little “Too Much” fun. He had walked about 20 yards away from the group and he was standing next to a tree. After further observation, it was confirmed…he was peeing! We all looked and laughed. 15 minutes later, he walked about 10 yards further out. He was peeing again.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Despite missing the “Nice” dinner, we had a great time in Wine Country. But, I gotta take her back so we can have that Romantic Dinner!