Don’t you love it when you get fan mail from people that love you. This is the one that I got yesterday as I stretched out on my couch to relax. I thought I would read two or three emails as I got ready to take a 30 minute nap:

Facebook message from Truthie Warbler:

Your mom should be b*tch slapped for raising such an ignorant son. Your disgusting and shameless disrespect for women is not amusing and I wish you would get fired from the show. Thank you “honey #3” (that name in of itself is tacky) for dropping this disgrace of a “man”. Why bother with you when she can find a grown up man who has respect for women. Good for her for seeing through your bullsh*t.

Ahhh, can’t you feel the love. That’s what you want to read before taking a nap. It was almost like a sweet little bedtime story.

No honey updates today. Honey 1, out of the picture. Honey #2, moved to Oklahoma and not speaking to me. Honey #3, actually I saw her walking down the street yesterday but I didn’t say hi. Its so funny how it goes from feast to famine. Sometimes I have short periods of time where women are all around and my phone continuously blows up… and other times, like now, there is nothing going on. Oh well. That means there is more me time in store. I have stuff to do. Busy, busy, busy.