What do we do with our leftover Halloween costumes after we are done with them? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could sell them for at least half of what we spent for that one day? They have these half price book stores. How about a Half price, Gently used, Halloween Costume stores?

big-al-blog-pic-110414-revI have decided to do something with my girlfriend every day this week. I have really been slacking in spending that good old “One on One” time with her. I guess we all go through those relationship “slumps” right? Yesterday, it wasn’t anything romantic. We went to see a friend that’s in the hospital. OK, I know…Going to the hospital to see a sick friend isn’t really a date and it did include a few other friends. We all met up at my bar. There were 5 of us total. We had a couple of drinks first and then, we all piled up on my bus and headed to the hospital. We stopped by the gift shop, bought him some flowers, Hello Kitty balloons, a pink bedazzled cap and we rolled into his room like a hurricane. So, like I said, I know this wasn’t a real date, but we were together. But the good news is that if that was the first date of the week, it can only get better!