There were people camped out 48 hours before the Lady Gaga concert.
But this is the part that I don’t get. They have tickets already. And that
means that they will be sitting in the exact same spot on Tuesday night
whether they camp out or not. Wow, I wish I could get that excited about
something. That’s pretty awesome.

Speaking of awesome, I met a family yesterday that was pretty awesome.
He owned a business a while back and he got a call from a HUGE
company one day and they offered him some money to buy his business
and BAM…he sold it. Now, he just travels around on his bad ass tour bus
and pretty much just does whatever he wants. That’s the American dream,
huh!?! He seems to be pretty happy. Oddly enough, and I don’t know
why or how this came up but he may be going to pick up Sir Mix a lot for
me…I know what you’re thinking…how in the heck did that come about???sir-mix-a-lot
Anyway, you remember him, right? “I Like Big Butts…” I’ve been trying to book him for a show to play at my bar but the problem has been that he refuses to fly. He apparently was in some sort of airplane incident a while back and he vowed to never fly again. So,any way, this may have been just
bar talk, but when my new friend mentioned to me that he had a bad ass
bus, I made the remark that he should go pick up Sir Mix a lot for me and
bring him to town. I know… Random! But he said he would. Keep in mind
we were both having Sunday morning mimosas…He told me that it would
cost about $4000 in fuel. Most deals get done on the golf course but mine
get done at the bar! Haha. Then, after a couple of drinks, I invited him to
my bar. I said “don’t spend all of your money at this place.” I was just kind
of joking around…he turned to me and said. “I could never spend all of my
money!” he didn’t say it in an arrogant way at all. but what a cool thing to be
able to say!

I’ll keep you posted on the Sir Mix a lot thing!