For some reason, I have been thinking about taking a trip. Back in the day before I bought a bar in Mexico, I use to take trips all the time. And more often than not, I would go alone. I went to Puerto Rico, a couple of times. I went to Barcelona, Ibiza, St. Thomas, St. John, Cabo, Cancun, New York, Miami, Dominican Republic, Rio de Janeiro, and maybe a few other places. On most of these trips, I went solo. And had a pretty good time. It forces you to meet new people, and it forces you to enjoy the culture…unless you want to stay locked up in your hotel room. So next summer, I am going to do this again. This time, I want to do something that I have wanted to do for a long time. I want to travel to Pamplona, Spain to do the running with the bulls. It’s a tradition that they do over there every year on July 7th. So, if our vacation dates allow it, this will be my year to run with the bulls. I know a few people that have done it and they said it was so much fun. The tradition is that you stay awake all night long, (probably drinking), and then at 8 in the morning, they let the bulls go and people run for their lives… literally. I don’t really want to be in the back of the line but I do want to be close enough where there will be a little fear in my brain. Actually, just thinking about it now makes me a little scared. I have no idea why this fear is something that I want to conquer while I have NO DESIRE at all to conquer something like Sky Diving for example. Its just one of those fantasy vacations that I’ve always wanted to do. How about you? What’s your fantasy vacation activity that you want to do?

Speaking of fantasies, how about the Big Al Boobie Check? Ok, its not what it sounds like. Actually, a few years back, my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. I never talked about this on the air. She is a very private person. But she survived it and now, she is a lot more open with it. In her case, it was diagnosed early and she went through the treatments and she’s fine now. So, in an effort to help other women get checked out, I have arranged for the Mobile Mammography Unit to come by my bar for 10 hours this coming Monday to allow women to have their boobies checked out at no cost. And of course, I needed to come up with a catchy name…so I came up with a few choices…”Mugs and Jugs” was one. “Beers and Boobs” was another candidate. “Save the Ta-Ta’s” was already taken and so was “Save Second Base.” So, I settled on “The Big Al Boobie Check.”