It was great feeling all of the love this week. I think all has been said. I have cried, I have laughed and I have reflected on so many memories. Sure we will all laugh and cry even more. But now, it is time to go forward and do what Kidd has trained us to do. We will (hopefully) make people laugh, be personalities and do what we do.

Dr. Girlfriend has been so awesome through all of this. But she did get a little upset when some chick kissed me on my lips. She keeps warning me that she is a Cuban woman and I shouldn’t forget that. Honestly, I don’t even remember the girl that did it but apparently, some grieving female hugged me, grabbed both sides of my head and pulled me in for a nice lip kiss. My girl didn’t like that.

Naked-CowboyEven though Kidd gave me an extremely hard time for coming up with some random ideas, he was the main reason behind my thought process.Sure, I had some bad ideas. 1) Bikini pub crawl for people who had cancer and stuff 2) Reindeer on the patio every Christmas 3) Bigfoot the Monster Truck crushing cars in the parking lot. Ok, I realize these were very random and different ideas… but I got them honest. I think the way I do because of Kidd. He was always thinking out of the box. So, I guess that’s how I ended up having a Naked Cowboy contest at the bar this month. I am calling this “the hardest promotion I have ever had to describe.” I had no idea that the Naked Cowboy was a franchise. You can pay to use his name so, I am having auditions to be a Naked Cowboy or Cowgirl. People can come to the Bar and play guitar and we are picking a winner every Wednesday night. Then, on September 8, the real Naked Cowboy is coming to my bar to pick a winner. The winner gets to be The Naked Cowboy and he or she makes all the money from playing, appearances, and this could be the start of a serious career for some lucky person. Thanks Kidd for making me think the way that I do.

Lastly, Riley Cooper, you have taken racism to a whole new level. Personally, you have made me forget all about Paula Deen, if I hadn’t already done it. But the good part of this is that you inspired me to think a bit. Because of what you said, I met with ALL of the black people…yes, ALL of them…and we have come up with the “list of words that all white people can never say.” (because they are kinda sorta close to the N word.)

Niagra (falls)
Nicker bocker
Napa valley
Napa Auto Parts
Nickey Mouse
Ninja turtle
Nichelob Ultra

This list is subject to change when the black people meet again, but for now, from this day forward, White folks are no longer allowed to say these words.
Thank You.