Friday was a day that had so much potential. Actually, the weekend was pretty much all planned out. A quick trip to Mexico where I could wake up twice, Saturday and Sunday morning, looking at the beach and the Gulf of Mexico. Sure, I needed to do a little work at my bar while I was there. But that was fine. I’ll squeeze in a little bit of beach time while I’m there. Then again, even if you’re working, a trip to beautiful Playa del Carmen would ease the feeling of work. I had been looking forward to this trip for a while. the last 4 weekends were all busy for me and I couldn’t go. So this weekend was the weekend that I would be able to meet with my bar manager and the accountant and get some stuff done. And then, it all fell apart.

I got to the airport 90 minutes before my flight departure time. Everything was all set. I got on the plane, put my blanket over me and it was all good. I even was starting to nod off and that’s when the pilot came on the speaker and made the announcement. “There is some sort of “string” hanging from a wing so we need to take a look at that.” A string? Well that doesn’t sound bad. 40 minutes later, it was THAT bad. Everyone was asked to get off the plane and they would have to find another plane for us. OK…I headed to the bar. An hour delay isn’t so bad. But considering this was a 48 hour trip, every minute counted. Lets see, it’s a 48 hour trip. 11 a.m. departure from home. 11 a.m. departure from Mexico. clockSo, lets back out the 2 hour travel time each way. That makes it a 44 hour vacation. Now lets take out the 1 hour trip from the airport to hotel and vice versa. Now we are at 42 hours. Lets factor in an hour at the airport in Mexico twice. Now it’s 40 hours. And the hour at the airport in mexico waiting to board on the way back. Now its 39 hours. OK, it’s a 39 hour vacation. I’m cool with that. Even though my Mexico trip was to have 3 meetings with various people. I’m thinking about all of this while im at the airport bar talking to a couple in the bar; 2 very nice folks from Amarillo that were headed to Cancun for 5 days. 2 hours later, the New Departure time was 2 p.m. I had been up since 4 a.m. and at the airport since 9:30. Spending 5 hours at the airport was not how I had planned to spend my Friday. Add in the fact that I was going to have almost 4 hours taken away from my 39 hour vacation. I got up and walked out of the airport. I stopped by the ticket desk and voiced my displeasure to the ticket lady…but it wasn’t her fault. Luckily, I got a credit…I just got back into my truck and came home.