Friday was a really cool day. I had mentioned to Kellie that I hadn’t spent enough time with my mom lately. Kellie suggested that I schedule a weekly lunch date with her that would give mom something to look forward to, not that spending an afternoon with me is all that great but it would at least me some mommy-son time, so I did. I picked her up from home and away we went. We sat down and talked about all sorts of things. But the important thing was that we spent some time together. Honestly, I can’t remember the last time just the two of us did that. That’s kinda sad that it’s been that long but that’s going to change. The only question now will be which restaurant will we go to next.

One thing that came up was the T.V. show. I asked if she had been watching lately and she said that she does turn it on but she hadn’t really watched this week. Then she said, “I did see you touch that woman’s breast.” Oh My God. She hadn’t seen the show all week and the 10 seconds that she actually DID see was me poking my finger on Jenna’s breast. My mother has never seen me even kiss a girl saw me cope a feel of a boob. Ugh! We laughed about that for a while. And then our meal was over and it was time to head back home. The first of many lunches to come, thanks to Kellie for giving me that wonderful idea.

Speaking of Kellie, I had been going back and forth trying to figure out who I was bringing in for Kellie’s birthday bash. We have brought in lots of cool, old school rappers in the last few years. Digital Underground, Juvenile, Tone-Loc…and last year, we brought in Coolio. This year, it’s Rob Base! “Joy and Pain,” It Takes Two”…you know those guys. April 19th is the date. And when I told Kellie, she seemed to be pretty excited.

Saturday night, Kidd came by the bar with some friends. And an extremely rare event happened. kiddatbarKidd joined me on stage to sing Rapper’s Delight. I’ve sang that song probably a few hundred times but never with Kidd. It was a pretty fun night. We had so much rooooom to dance. That was the ongoing joke of the night. Kidd said, “man your bar is awesome…the best thing about it is that there is sooo much space.” He was giving me a pretty hard time about the size of the crowd on Saturday night. He was right. It was a pretty slow night but who wants to go to a bar with all of those…..people? In fact, my new slogan is, “Come to McKinney Avenue Tavern… there’s plenty of room!”