There’s nothing like a stripper to spawn an afternoon of chatter at the local bar. But not in a bad way. In my past experience, most “dancers” are a little hesitant in telling total strangers what they do for a living. They have told me things like, “I’m self employed,” or maybe, “I’m in sales.” The most popular line I’ve heard, “I’m a student.”
Well, the girl that came in yesterday with her boyfriend had no problem saying what she did. Which I guess is pretty cool. Be proud and OWN it, right. She was sitting at the bar and it just came up in regular bar talk. Where are you from, I asked her. She told me. and then I asked, Where do you work? She rattled of the name of the club. Then she went on to say that she has been listening to our show for years and she even called her mom on the phone to tell her she was eating and drinking in my bar. I like to think that I have a story about pretty much most things that come up. “Stripper” is no exception. And just in case you were wondering, there is a foot in mouth moment that followed. This girl that was in the bar was very pretty. She seemed to be smarter than the
average stripper I’m guessing. So, I guess I’m trying to say if she hadn’t told me that’s what she did for a living, I would have never known. So I launched into this story about how I was talking to this one girl in the bar and how she just walked away in the middle of the conversation… then my “kicker” line to the story was….”come to find out, she was a stripper.” Ok, I didn’t mean that to sound bad. She and her boyfriend just kind of stared at me and so did the other few people that were sitting at the bar. It was awkwardly quiet for what seemed like an hour but it was only 3-5 seconds I guess. Then I said, “I probably shouldn’t have told that stripper story, huh?” she laughed and all was well again.
When she and her boyfriend left, the guys at the bar all agreed that she was a very attractive stripper that didn’t look like a stripper. Its funny how guys and girls see girls differently because the one girl that was there was like, “she was ok.” And all of us guys were like “What?” “She was Booming!” further verification that Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus or somewhere far off that makes them weird. But we love you!
Honey 3 sent me a text yesterday. I hadn’t spoken with her in 2 weeks. I actually reached out to her the night before after returning home from a wake celebrating the life of my cousin. So, I was in a mood of reflection, thinking about life and whatnot. Cap that off with a cocktail after and there ya go. I sent the text. Nothing big. I just asked if she would like to get together for a drink before she moved away. Ok, I know.. I shouldn’t have but I did. And the next morning, she agreed. There has been no date set for this but I guess it will be sometime in the next few days. I’ll keep you posted.