Anyone that knows me well probably knows this one thing about me. Speaking in front of a large group is not one of my favorite things to do. I get that butterfly feeling in my stomach and it just stays there for the entire time and it doesn’t leave until the moment I’m done. And add to that, despite being a “seasoned regional radio star,” I’m just not good at the whole “talking in front of lots people thing.” But people still ask me to do it from time to time. That’s what I did a couple nights ago. It was a fundraiser for breast cancer awareness month. Sure, it’s a cause that is near and dear to my heart.

My sister is a survivor. And not only that, I like breasts. So I did my best. I showed up with a couple of notes written down on index cards. A story or two to start off would be followed by a serious moment and then one or two more funnies and I would be out. 5 minutes max. The crowd was about 200 people and age wise, they were all over the place. Some young, some old…the end result? Well, it wasn’t great but I have to say that it wasn’t my worst.

I hung out with my doctor friend over the weekend. She only gets 1 day off per week so its cool that she wanted to spend it with me. She actually invited me to hang with her and a few of her friends for a quick brunch. Hanging with her is cool all the way until we want to go to my apartment for whatever reason. She gets all tense. I guess I would too if I were in her shoes. Of all the guys she could date, she ends up with me. A guy that lives in the exact same apartment building as the last guy she dated. It’s inevitable that we or she will run into him at some point. But for now, I just give the elevator a little “pre-ride inspection” before she gets on it. I do know him but not well. I’ve ridden the elevator with him before but that’s about it. Small world, huh?

Friday night, I thought I’d have a small impromptu party for the work staff. I sent out a last minute invite to everyone. There are probably about 25-30 people that work here. 4 people showed up. I thought it would be nice to get everyone together to have some food, drink a little, sing some karaoke and just cut loose a little. Oh well. Kim, her husband and myself were the only ones there for 2 hours. And after text begging, Dominique, Greg and Russ showed up. Fun times.

Tyler Perry, you got my money but I didn’t see your movie. “What had happened was” I showed up to see a movie but I didn’t know what I wanted to see. ALEX CROSS was starting next and it was my first choice. The problem was the start time wasn’t until 2 hours later. So, I bought the ticket and changed my mind at the last minute and went in to see TAKEN 2. Liam Neeson is a badass!