I have been talking about this for 2 months and now it’s over. The naked cowboy has come and gone. And despite a low turnout, it really went well. He was a super cool guy and very easy to deal with. I say that because some entertainers are just the opposite. But he was way cool.
He even gave us a bonus appearance on Saturday night. He came and did his thing. And what a sweet gig he has. He pretty much just walks around in his undies and takes pictures. He doesn’t really play a full song. Actually, with all of the people that are wanting to take pictures with him, he can’t. He strums a lot and sings “well, I’m the naked cowboy…” and by the time he sings those 5 words, someone else is trying to take a picture with him. And his wife, the naked cowgirl is right there at his side. She’s super nice as well. And I see why she decided to join the fun. Her man is taking pictures with all of these women for hours and hours so heck yes.

Naked-CowboyAnyway, Shannon performed her little heart out. Wearing duct tape pasties and a thong, rainbow knee hi socks, and cowboy hat. She was awesome. Then, it was time for Janine. She is our make up lady for Dish nation. An awesome singer as well. Dressed in her bikini. She did everything she could and sang her butt off. Then, it was time for Paul. Paul was taking this thing so serious. In fact, he said his plan was to dress as the naked cowboy for Halloween anyway. He killed it. And he took home the prize. He was so happy. I thought he was going to cry.
Anyway, he won. The promotion is over. And Mr. Naked cowboy is headed back to New York. All is good. What’s next? I’m sure Mike, my promotions guy, will have a few ideas for me.

Personally, a good nights rest would be a great start!