The birthday bash party planning has begun. Normally 3 weeks is plenty of time to plan a little birthday dinner, right? well, when your birthday is 6 days before Christmas, you probably need even more time than that. people are traveling to go see family. People have their own Christmas parties and work parties and things are just Chaos. The thing you need to know about me planning this is that, I am a very last minute person when it comes to my own stuff. I’m like the plumber that fixes everyone else’s pipes. I can plan a party for an event at my bar with no problem. I plan these events all the time. I’m already planning a big Valentine’s day weekend party and that thing is 3 months away. I have Midget wrestlers coming on Feb 13 and this band called MINI KISS coming on Feb 14. Contracts have been signed and deposits have been mailed in. but when it comes to my own thing for me personally, it’s just not a priority.

candlesSo, the first plan was to make a reservation for 4-6 people and then we can have a big party for all of my friends at my bar. Then, the little voice on the other side of my head said, “Al, have a big dinner party for all of your friends and then have everyone come to my bar for an after dinner party with a band.” Ok, if I do that, then the search starts for a location and the guest list has to be made. I started on both with the help of Kellie and if you haven’t done this, try to find a table or a room for 40-50 people for any night during the week before Christmas. IMPOSSIBLE! On top of that, do I even want to have a party with 40-50 people? when you have a dinner party that big, no one gets to talk to the person having the party except for the people sitting next to you or across from you. So, you are basically having a group of people getting together but you won’t get to see them or talk to them. Then, there is the added stress of who do you invite to the dinner party and who do you invite to the after party? You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings and they don’t want to hurt yours by not showing up. And again…can you get a place this late in the game to accommodate that many people, this close to the holidays? UGH…Birthday parties are not supposed to be stressful. That’s why party planners are in business. To take the stress out of the whole “planning” part. And, it’s a freaking birthday. At the end of the day, who cares? I don’t mean to be cynical about the whole thing but I’m not a huge person that needs a lot of celebration for a day. I really don’t. I celebrate me every day! HAPPY EVERY DAY TO ME!!!