ryan-seacrestSo I was just watching this new TV game show that Ryan Seacrest is hosting. First, Ryan, you do a radio show, a talent show, you run a network, and now you want to host another TV show? Dude, when are you going to have time to get haircuts and shop for skinny ties? But hey, if you can pull it off, go for it brother.

Second, I don’t really think a girls’ TVs should be bigger than the guy’s TV in a relationship. That’s just weird.

Ok, the third thing is this. As a relationship progresses, usually, there will be some sleepovers from time to time. Sometime the girl goes to the guy’s house and sometimes, it’s the other way around. But in my relationship, it does seem like she comes to my apartment more than I go to hers. Maybe, it’s because I wake up earlier. So, she’ll come over, sometimes even bringing clothes for the next day. But if I go to her house, I leave early so I can stop at my house to change. For some reason, I have never been one to pack clothes up and go to a girls place. To me, when guys spend the night, they should not pack a bag. It’s kind of cute when girls do it but guys shouldn’t do that. What do you guys think? Maybe I should write Love Letters to Kellie!