I’m dog sitting tonight since my girl is working for 24 straight hours. The one night that I’m sick, she’s working all night. I mean, what good is to be dating a Dr if she’s not around when I’m sick? But after an afternoon of rest and self-medicating with Airborne, Tylenol, emergency and a little tequila, I seem to be feeling a little bit better. I bet it was the tequila that actually did the trick.

Speaking of my girlfriend, I thought I knew what I was going to get her for our 1-year anniversary. A MacBook computer. And then she came into my apartment the other day and what was in her hand? A MacBook computer. At least I know I was going to get her something that she really wanted. So, what do I get her now?

Naked-CowboyAnd I started feeling better just in time to come to the bar for the final audition night for my Naked Cowboy Contest. Yup, A guy came in and auditioned for the Naked Cowboy Franchise. HOW ABOUT THAT??? and I didn’t know him. I say that because the other 2 people that auditioned were friends/coworkers of mine. Sunday, the 3 people that auditioned will come back and during halftime of the Cowboy game, they will all compete to be the Official Naked Cowboy Just like the one in New York City. Good luck Guys!

Well, with the end of this promotion, what promotion is next? I guess I need to talk to Mike my “promotions guy.”