Yesterday I mentioned that my next-door neighbor in my apartment building had a party this past Saturday night and they didn’t invite me. I was just kind of kidding when I brought it up. Sure it sounded like a great party and everyone was in that Saturday night party mode but the truth is that I barely know them. Yes, I see them when they come and go from time to time and they are a nice couple. But I wasn’t really hurt by this. Well, the thing is, when we say stuff on the radio, people hear us. So, what was waiting on me when I got home from work? A cooler full of beer sitting in front of my door. It was almost like an abandoned baby in a bassinet. A big plastic open container filled with 10 beers on ice. Along with the beautiful bouncing bundle of beer was an envelope. It said “Sorry for Party Rocking, see you July 26.”

This made me wonder. I had no idea what was going on.LMFAOI’m thinking that either my neighbor was apologizing for not inviting me and they were having another party at their place on that date or maybe another neighbor wanted to invite me to their party. Either way, the invite was rather cryptic because no one signed it and there was no address. Then an hour later, I pulled into my bar and my bartender told me that my neighbor called in and scheduled a party at the bar with an LMFAO theme. That was sooo cool. So we are officially even, haha…Thanks neighbor!

In a totally unrelated topic…Hey mom, I’ll pick you up today at 1pm for lunch and a mani/pedi.

– Al