For once, I got it right! Yesterday I was telling you how I surprised Doctor/girlfriend with a Christmas tree and I was not sure if in a previous conversation if she said that she really LOVED surprises or if she said that she REALLY didn’t love surprises. It wasn’t like we had a huge discussion about the topic. It was just a sentence that was in a conversation about something else and I couldn’t remember what she said. Yes, I was guilty of not listening very closely. Shocker! Well, she does love surprises. (it was someone else in her family that hates surprises.) And she was really surprised when she walked into her apartment and there was a huge 9 foot tree standing in her living room that I had set up the night before while she was working. Man, I was really stressing. Just because someone gives you a key to their place, you don’t want to start running up in there just because…she really just gave me a key because about a month ago, she lost her key…twice…and both times, we had to call a locksmith in the early morning hours so that she could get to work on time. ANYWAY, today we will (hopefully) have a little time to decorate. In the brief 12 hours that she has off.

Well day three of the work out week was a skip day. So does that mean that I need to work out twice as long today? If so, I’m OK with that. I’m just checking to see if that’s what I need to do.

The bell ringers outside of the stores really have a way of making you feel guilty. I don’t even know if they know that they do it but the way they look at you when you are walking up makes me feel like crap if I don’t put a dollar in the kettle…even if I put a dollar in the last kettle. And if I don’t put a dollar in there, for some reason, I always feel like I need to tell the bell ringer that I put money in the last one. And I’m sure they don’t believe me. But if you leave your house this time of year, you will see a bell ringer somewhere. You can’t avoid them. And I know the Salvation Army does great things. But it would be cool if they could give you a cool hat or a badge or something to let the bell ringers know that we gave to the last dude at the last store so they wouldn’t look at you with that, “you gonna put something in my kettle or what” look.