Big Al’s Blog: Sure baby
Big Al’s Blog: Sure baby

YES, I’m still in the “sure baby” zone. That time period when you will say “sure baby” to anything that the other person asks you to do.

“Honey, I know its 12 degrees and rainy outside, but would you mind taking my trash out and walking the dog for me please?” —“Sure Baby.”

“Honey, I know the game is on but would you mind running to the store to get me some tampons?” —“Sure Baby.”

The sure baby stage of the relationship is an awesome time for the girls because us guys will say yes to anything that you ask for about the first 90 days of the relationship. Yesterday was no different.

Doc: “You want to go to the mall with me this afternoon?”

Me: “Sure, what do you need to go get?”

Doc: “oh I don’t know, I just want to shop and look around.”

Me: “Ummmm, you’re not looking for ANYTHING in particular?”

Doc: “No, not really. I just haven’t shopped in a really long time.”

Me: “………….uhhh, ummmm, OK, Sure Baby.”

I’m telling you. We say yes to anything in the beginning. I don’t think this works both ways. I don’t recall any girls in the past that would just say yes to anything that we asked in the beginning stages just because…I think this is more of a guy thing. So, off we went to the mall. Not just any mall. She wanted to go to the outlet mall out by the airport about 20 miles away. So we did. First store, 45 minutes. That’s when I knew I was in for a long evening. But one thing that Kellie said a few weeks back just kept playing over and over in my head. She said, “I want someone to run errands with.”

So, I kept that in mind as I went from store to store, searching for the guy chair. The guy chair is that one uncomfortable chair that sits in the middle of the women’s department waiting on guys to sit in it while their women shop. I tried to escape and go get food but that only took 3 minutes. A drop in the bucket. Then, the motive for the shopping trip came to light. She was looking for a dress to wear to our Christmas party. Ok, now I’m interested. Well, a little. Again, I will speak for all guys here. We are a lot less interested in the process it takes for you to look hot, than we are in the finished product. Yes, we want you to look good. But we have no real interest in seeing what it takes for y’all to get there.

With that said, at least now I knew what the shopping trip was about and it seemed less like a gigantic waste of time. But that’s pretty much what it was. 3 hours later, she still had no dress. But one thing is for sure…if she asks me to go back to the mall AGAIN, I’m putting my foot down this time…2 hours MAX! J

I guess the company Christmas Party is a pretty big deal for the girl huh? This will be the first girl that I have brought to the company party in a few years. I think the last girl I brought “had a headache” about 2 hours into the evening. That was our last date. This one will be better. That was a date with a girl that I hardly knew. At least this time, its someone that I have hung out with for several weeks. She asked me what the attire is for the party. I don’t know… I’m a dude! I told her to just wear a Christmas sweater. That didn’t go over very well. Can someone tell me what the attire is for our Christmas party please?