Maybe, I fell just a little bit short on trying to have a great date night with my girlfriend. And looking back, that is probably an understatement. So, its been 2 years since I met my girlfriend. Last year to celebrate the 1 year mark, I tried to do the things that she liked and/or wanted. We went to a Cuban type restaurant. There was a Latin band playing there that night. So, I made a big deal out of trying to do some of the things that she wanted. Well, it didn’t really work out as well as I had hoped. Basically, I flopped. Surely, I couldn’t screw it up twice, right? WRONG!

I pretty much did everything wrong. But I started of with a concept that was genius in my head. What’s better than one date? 2 dates! One Friday night and one Saturday night. One with family, one with friends.

big-al-wallet-093014(Random fact that will be prudent later): I have no slacks. Jeans seem to be my pant of choice. Or maybe the cargo short. So, just the search through my closet to find a pair of nice dress slacks was enough to get me stressed. I changed pants to or three times. One time, I even made it to the door and was locking it when I decided that I needed to change. Finally, I made up my mind on the pants and I was on my way. I picked up my girlfriend and then we picked up my mom. Korey brought his girl and there we were. Family night/Date night was underway. This probably wasn’t exactly what my girlfriend had in mind for “date night.” And It wasn’t really an official date I guess but isn’t a “date” what we call spending time together? Well, we were together! Well, that was my thinking. Anyway, we had a great time and then it was time to pay the bill. This was my family and this was my treat. Then, I realized something. Family Night Date Night was just about to hit a serious roadblock. My wallet was in the pants that I had taken off just before I left. So, Fail # 1 was not having a wallet on the first leg of the date weekend.

Saturday was going to be different. Saturday would be on point. Saturday would be OUR day! Well, sorta. About 10 days ago, before I knew that I would be taking my lady out on this night, I found out that it was one of my friends last night as a server at this really nice steak house that I only go to 3-4 times per year. And to celebrate his last night, I decided to get a few friends together. But these wouldn’t be my regular hang out everyday friends. I wanted to invite a few friends that I don’t get to hang out with very much. It was a few days later that I realized that this would be the same night as my 2 year celebration for my girlfriend and me. So, I didn’t want to cancel on my friends and I didn’t want to miss the last night of my friend’s night working at this steakhouse and I surely couldn’t cancel on my girlfriend…so, I did the next best this. I combined!

Well, needless to say, this was a mistake on my part. Even though I had a great time bringing my friends together, it did not provide for a very “special” evening for her. So, I apologized and the “Double Do-Over Date” is coming soon!