Big Al’s Blog: Surprise complete!
Big Al’s Blog: Surprise complete!

There are two types of people in this world. Those that don’t like surprises, and those that do. Fortunately, my girlfriend is one of those that does.

And there’s two other types of people in this world…those that think things all the way through and those that don’t. Guess which one I am?!? (Says the guy that doesn’t speak Spanish and bought a bar in Mexico.) haha

big-al-blog-300x300-072516Anyway, about a week ago, I told my girlfriend that I would more than likely be coming to see her this past Friday. A couple days later, I had some unexpected personnel changes at one of my restaurants and so, it seemed like that wasn’t going to be able to happen. She was very disappointed but she understood. I just didn’t feel good about putting a new person into a management position and then leaving him 3 days later. Then, after 2 phone conversations Thursday and Friday, my girlfriend, well, she sounded pretty sad. She has been working since she moved to Detroit and hadn’t really made any new friends that could hang out. My solution to her was to “Go out and meet people.” That’s pretty easy for me to say. But I do realize that as a girl, that’s not quite that easy… Especially in a new city where just navigating yourself around town is hard enough. Then, you find a place and you want to go have a drink and you walk in and everyone is having fun with their group and you’re alone. It’s hard. SO, I decided to surprise her. Friday afternoon, I bought a ticket to Detroit. It would be a quick turnaround trip. I knew she wasn’t working but I didn’t know much else. I had her address but I didn’t have her apartment number. I had no idea what my plan was but I headed to the airport Saturday at noon. I arrived and called LYFT. It’s a car service that will pick you up and take you wherever. I gave the driver my girlfriend’s address. I still didn’t know how this surprise was going to happen. I sent my girlfriend a text when I got about halfway to her house asking what she was doing? She said she was getting dressed to go to a BBQ. Oh, NOW she has stuff to do??? I have to admit. Panic did set in a little. I asked her (by text) if a package had arrived? I really didn’t know what my next step was. Like I said, I hadn’t thought this though. She replied “NO.”

That’s when I (kind of) thought of a plan. I asked the driver to find me a restaurant/bar that was close to her apartment. I got to the bar and it was packed. It’s 3pm. I send another text. What are you doing now? She said she just left to go to the BBQ. I had to think of something fast. I said, “the delivery driver has your package but his car broke down and he’s at “Sinbad’s.” (The restaurant where the driver dropped me off.) Please keep in mind that I know this is a lame story. But it’s all I have.

The delivery driver has a package for you but his car broke down at a restaurant. YUP…That’s my story. She asked who does she need to see at the restaurant? I said the bartender has the package. She is now headed to the restaurant. She walks in. I spotted her. She asks the bartender if there was a package for her. By this time, I walk up behind her and I said, “Are you expecting a package?” She turns around and looks at me like she had seen a ghost…Big Smiles, Big Hugs! (But no package!) haha…Surprise complete!