Who would have thought that I could date the same girl for a year? It can be done people. Well, ok. It’s actually only been 11 months but who’s counting? I guess that whole “make him wait” philosophy works huh? Anyway, keep your fingers crossed. It really feels this time like I have a girlfriend. And that’s a good thing. In the recent past, sometimes, it just felt like I was dating someone. But, I was kind of joking the other day and I said that if I ever got married again, I want to do it on the beach. So I asked, by text, if she would be ok with that. She then informed me, should we go down that road, that I would need to convert to Catholicism so that we could get married in the Catholic Church. Hmmm. Oooooo k. That’s a speed bump to say the least. I really like my church. I’ve been going there for a long, long time. Is this a deal breaker for her? We really didn’t discuss it any further. I’m sure it will come up again if things keep going the way they are going. But, do you really have to be the same religion as someone else to be with them? If you don’t have to be the same color, you don’t have to be from the same country, but you have to be the same religion? I don’t get it.

footballfieldFootball is here everybody! Fans are happy. Athletes are happy. Bookies are happy. And guys that own sports bars are happy…at least, this one is. After the slow ass summer, it will be nice to see customers come in the door again. Turtle racing is great, but football is way greater!. There’s just something about high fives all the way around a big play that makes guys come together. Ok, I know that was a boring ass paragraph but I was getting a little nervous with all of the marriage talk so I had to change the subject.

What is it about the “M” word that makes guys so uncomfortable? I can talk about it for about 30-40 seconds and then it gives me the shakes! Ok, subject change again…how about those VMA’s last night?