Ok, I know what you’re saying…”What Mystery?” a very valid question since I have never mentioned this mystery…see, If I had mentioned it, it wouldn’t be a mystery. Haha
Ok, so I have this guy Shawn that works for me and he is in charge of a lot. But one of the many things that he does is that he orders stuff for the bar. Paper items, plastic items, stuff like that. and since business has been slow lately, I have had the conversation with him about ordering less stuff for the restaurant because we don’t need as much now. Ok, all good. But he has been noticing something. One thing that has still been used a lot is toilet paper. Everything else seems to be in line with the sales but the amount of toilet paper that we had been going thru was still the same. So it really had him wondering. We were trying to think if there was an employee with a serious bathroom issue or what.
Then this guy came in the other day. I’m not sure if he was homeless or if he just looked homeless. It was actually my first time seeing him but some of the employees see him from time to time. He comes in and emptyrollsgets a glass of water and if none of the employees are around, he apparently would sometimes ask the one or two daytime customers for money. Not exactly good for business but he normally would leave when asked. Well, apparently this backpack carrying semi homeless man would also use our bathroom when he came in. but he wasn’t really using the bathroom. Shawn happened to go in the bathroom while he was in there and this dude was stealing our toilet paper out of the stall and stuffing it into his bag. You’re stealing toilet paper? Really? 3-4 times a week, he would come in and get 2-3 rolls of toilet paper. At first I was mad, then I actually got sad. Then I got mad again. I’m sure that’s not how he drew his life up on the big board as a kid. No one wants to be a toilet paper thief. Or maybe there’s some big Black Market toilet paper ring out there that I don’t know about. Regardless, now we know where all the toilet paper was going and I don’t think this dude will be coming back.