When you have a minor disagreement with your significant other, and the other person doesn’t think it’s so minor, I guess that’s the first problem. But I just try to not let things get to me and sometimes if one person feels strongly about something and the other person doesn’t, it would more than likely make one person feel like you don’t take their viewpoint seriously. Ok, it sounds like I am way beating around the bush here…well, I am. I have a couple of major problems when it comes to discussing relationship issues here. First of all, my darling girlfriend would much rather not ever be talked about on the radio…EVER. So, as much as I can, I try to respect that. Sure, she comes up in random conversations, I can’t help that. Half of the time, someone else brings her up in conversation and I can’t just ignore them. But, obviously if she hates being talked about when things are going strong, she sure will hate to be talked about when things are not so good. As bad as this sounds, I really don’t even know why she is mad at me and that of course makes her even more upset. And as silly as this sounds, I know one thing that is bothering her and it all goes back to a bottle of unopened wine. She has brought up this bottle of wine 20 times and she won’t let it go.

wineornottowineWe went to this charity event a week ago and I bid on this wine tasting event during the silent auction. I won. Now, I have to admit. I would have never even bid on the thing if it hadn’t been for her. But, I did and I won it. So apparently we will be going sometime soon. Now as a part of the display for the event at the auction was this huge oversized bottle of red wine. It was sitting there at the table where I placed my bid. So, when I won the wine tasting, they threw in the big bottle of wine. So, since I own a bar, I thought it would make a nice addition to put the big oversized bottle of wine on the top shelf at my bar. It’s just sitting there like the bottle of Ace of Spades champagne and some other bottles. It’s now part of my bar décor. Well, when she saw that I had put the bottle on the shelf at the bar, she thought that it would be better if we took it home and drank it. it’s a HUGE bottle. So, she thought we should invite friends over to drink it. Well, I want the bottle on my shelf. (Do you see how silly this argument is?) Anyway, I bought the stupid bottle and I’m keeping it on my shelf. She say’s it going to go bad. (probably true.) She says we could drink it and refill it with something that looks like red wine. (true again.)

She says it’s getting warm sitting on the shelf. (true again.) My side is that I want this unopened big, huge bottle of wine, (that I paid for), to sit on my shelf. I really don’t see the problem. But she has brought this up numerous times. I told her I would buy her another bottle of wine. But for some reason, she has to have THIS bottle of wine. Anyway, for now, the bottle is still on my shelf. Who’s right here?

To Wine, or NOT to wine…What a stupid thing to argue about, huh? Honestly, the little disagreement later last night was about something else but I have no idea what it was.

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