Stressing, Stressing, Stressing! Sometimes, I feel like I’m more of a party planner than a bar owner. But I have been throwing parties all of my life. But on the other hand, if I wasn’t DOING stuff, I would go out of my mind. It’s like if I don’t have this stuff to do, I go crazy…But when I start doing stuff, I drive myself even crazier trying to get it done. And sometimes it works out and sometimes it blows up in my face.

mini-kissAnyway, Anytime I’m doing something a little different at the bar, I am always nervous about whether or not it’s going to work. This time I’m twice as nervous. Why? Probably because I’m doing twice as much. I mean, Usually, I space my events out and put some time in between them. That’s just the smart way of doing things. Well, this time, I’m doing them back to back. And I’m scared out of my mind! And when I say back to back, I mean one is on Thursday, Feb 13, and the next one is the very next day. Valentines day. Who thinks about going to a sports bar on Valentines weekend? Nobody Al, NOBODY! That’s kinda why I chose Valentines weekend to do these events because it’s a time that is usually deathly slow for the business. So, here’s the deal. Thursday, we are having “Midget Wrestling” at my bar. Don’t get all bent out of shape about me calling them midgets. That is what they call themselves. I know it’s not the most politically correct way to say it but that’s the way they WANT to be referred to. Now, we have had them at the bar before and it is always a big night. So, that is Part 1 of the big Valentines Day Weekend Extravaganza. The very next night, February 14th Valentines Night, I’m having a “Little Concert.” Mini Kiss is a group of “Little People” that DO NOT want to be referred to as the “M” word. They dress up like KISS, the Heavy Metal Rockers. They play their own instruments and sing their hearts out. Well, that’s what I heard. So two Big Little Nights back to back.