Sure there were a few problems, BUT Big Al’s Scoreboard Grille is officially OPEN! We sold a burger! In fact, we sold quite a few. Ok, the air hockey didn’t work. Half of the employees didn’t show up. One hour before opening, we realized the drink guns weren’t working and we also had no money in the registers to make change. But somehow, we pulled it all together.

I ran to Walmart and bought $200 worth of cokes, tonic and soda. I ran to the bank to get change. And the thing that I’m most grateful for was this… We were scheduled to open up at 4pm. At 3pm, I called one of the council people in Seagoville and asked if he knew anyone from a local church that could swing by and give us a quick prayer. Who showed up 20 minutes later? The MAYOR of Seagoville! Yes, Mayor Childress showed up to lead us in prayer. I gathered the employees in a circle and we joined hands and prayed together. That was the highlight of my day. Then it was game on. It was a great night and the employees did an awesome job in pulling it all together.

We’ll get that air hockey working and our first night of Live Music is tonight and Karaoke starts FRIDAY!