Big Al’s Blog: Web MD, Fred and Weather
Big Al’s Blog: Web MD, Fred and Weather

What’s worse than self diagnosing with web MD? Having your Doctor Girlfriend diagnosis you at 3am. Well, I take that back. It’s actually a good thing, right. I would much rather she tell me her “professional” medical opinion than for her to notice something and not say anything. So, apparently, I have a sleep disorder of some sort. And she is making me go to one of those sleep centers. What? I get to go somewhere and sleep? Count me in baby. I have no idea how those places work but I would be happy to go. It does make me feel good that she cares enough to say something to me about it.

sanfordsalvageMy quest to become Fred Sanford and build my empire continues. Yesterday, I agreed to take more furniture off of a friends hands. This time, it was a bedroom suit and a 2 year old sectional couch. Everyday, I get closer and closer to having enough stuff to have a small consignment store. I guess I can call it “Big Al’s junk shop.” Maybe I am channeling my “Inner Mack.” My dad used to do the same exact thing. People would offer him furniture and he would take it. then he would fix it if it needed to be fixed and resell it. BUT HE HAD A FURNITURE BUSINESS! AL, what are you doing??? WOW, I’m yelling at myself in my own blog.

We all love our mothers don’t we? Sure we do. Mine just did something that made me laugh a little bit. My cell phone rang this morning at 4:30am. First, I always think the worst when my cell phone rings that early and I see that its my mom calling. When I answered, She quickly said, “Everything is ok.” Ok, that was a relief. So, why is she awake and what was the reason for the call. Well, the make family never sleeps. We all just have terrible sleep patterns. She asked, “have you seen the weather in Playa del Carmen?” I replied with a “Noooo, is there a hurricane or something?” (it is hurricane season for another month or so and I figured she had seen something that made her think of my bar down there and impending danger.) She said, “No, there’s not a hurricane but I just heard on the news that it’s a little cloudy down there.” (crickets)———–

So, just in case y’all were wondering, it’s a little cloudy in Playa del Carmen. And there you have it. “That’s the weather report from Dora Belle…” I love you mom!

I joke because I love.